In these rapidly changing times, the 5th Ward needs a leader who understands inclusiveness and equality to improve the quality of life for all of our residents.  I am that leader.  We can all rise together.

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Dear Friends and Neighbors,


I’m proud to say that I am running for Alderman of the 5th Ward in Chicago. As Alderman of the 5th Ward, I want to make sure that I listen and understand what the needs of our community are. I really want to get to know each and every one in the community and hear their concerns and learn how I can equally serve all of the residents in the 5th Ward. We can rise together.

Most importantly, I will fight for our community. I will reduce unemployment by bringing in new businesses and creating jobs. I will provide job training so that residents can get good jobs and excel in the workplace. I will strive to ensure that all residents are given equal opportunities to succeed and provide for their families. I will fight tirelessly to reduce crime and violence that plagues our city, and I will strive to keep our youth off the streets and out of trouble by developing activities, programs, and mentoring opportunities.

Being an accountant and finance manager for 27 years has enabled me to help nonprofits to manage their finances, to attract more funding and to grow in their service to their communities.

I am the founder and CEO of Fathers for the Future, my nonprofit which helps working fathers learn to manage their money to support their families. And through the course of my career I’ve won a few honors, including the Donald Peterson Foundation Father of the Year award, and the Community Activist of the Year award from the Daughters of Divine Love congregation.

What I’m most proud of is my family. I’ve been married to my lovely wife Kyra for 21 years. Together, we are rearing three children right here in our community, where I have lived for 40 years. We currently reside in the South Shore neighborhood, and are members of St. Philip Neri Church.

On this site, you can find—or will soon find—valuable information on the issues facing the 5th Ward, and learn about my plan for improving our community  .I look forward to talking with you soon about my campaign, and to get your feedback on how I can make the 5th ward a better community to live and work in.  Together We Rise!.

Thank you, and God Bless.
Josef Michael Carr, Jr., MBA